Phones aren’t just phones anymore. They’re our lifelines. They’re our news source. They’re our business tool. They’re our entertainment outlet. Every day, our phones can do more and more, and they have become a large investment. Keeping your device safe from drops, breaks, and theft is a top priority, so we’ve compiled a list of easy phone safety tips just for you!

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Do Your Research

When you’re investing in a phone, you want to make sure it has everything that you need. During the time you spend comparing prices and models, here are some factors to think about:

  • Does it have the features you want?
  • How durable is it?
  • Does it include any extras?
  • What is your price range?
  • Is a new phone release coming soon?

All of these questions will help you to find the phone that fits your needs and your budget. Once you have the perfect phone for you, it’s time to keep it safe for several years until you’re ready to upgrade again.

Keep it Safe

Don’t drop your phone! Handling your cell with care is the biggest factor to ensure that it can last for a long period of time. Even when you’re very careful, there are always opportunities for mishaps, so it’s always smart to buy a sturdy case to protect the phone for the times you do have an accident. Investing in a screen protector to ward off scratches and minor cracks is also advisable. Cases and protectors sadly don’t offer the same sleek look and feel as the plain phone, but they do allow you to show your personality with fun colors and patterns! You know yourself, and the places you will be taking your phone. If you are more careful, a thinner case may be perfect for you. But when you are taking your phone into harsh environments, a thicker, more reliable case may be what you need.

Avoid Extreme Conditions

Most phones now offer at least some level of water resistance and heat and cold protection, but none are fully durable yet. Keep your phone away from heat sources like the stove, furnace, chimney, or long exposure to sunlight to avoid damage. It’s easier to stay away from extreme cold, but if you plan on being out in freezing temperatures, be sure to keep your phone in a cozy spot. Phones no longer break the second they get wet, so small amounts of rain or moisture are nothing to worry about. But making sure your phone stays as dry as possible is always a good idea.

Theft Protection

Aside from being an expensive piece of equipment, your phone has valuable personal information on it, so doing your best to ensure its safety is always a top priority. You should enable password protection on your phone so that you can make sure nobody is accessing your info when they shouldn’t. Whenever you’re not using your phone, keep it in a specific place. When you’re out and about, placing it in the same pocket or spot in your purse will build a habit, so you always know where to look. Do not leave your phone with others, on a table, or chair when you are in public. Mobile devices are easily snatched up and carted away before you even notice.

Most phones now offer some sort of location service to find them or wipe your info when it has been stolen or lost. Activating these options can save you stress and money in the future if you misplace your device, or if it is taken.

Keep it Clean

Dust, sweat, moisture, and other particles can build up between your mobile device and the case. These lead to scratches, stains, and operational issues. Using cloths to regularly wipe down your phone can help to avoid these hazards. When you are cleaning, do not use water or baby wipes, since that can lead to damage. If you are experiencing issues keeping your phone charged, check the charging port for built up particles. Removing the lint and dust gently with a paperclip can make your charger connect properly to the device again.

Charge the Battery

You can’t use your phone if the battery isn’t charged! Regularly recharging your battery will help you to continue using your phone without issues all day long. If you plan on heavy usage, or know you will be without power for a long period of time, investing in a portable charger is a good idea. This allows for prolonged usage, and a sense of security if your juice is running low. When you are constantly running out of charge, it may be time to have your device’s battery replaced.

When your phone does get waterlogged, cracked, damaged, or you need a battery replacement, bring it in to Tech Xpress. We will do everything we can to repair your phone so that you can get back to browsing, gaming, and working. We’re always glad to help, and we know how important cell phones are. We rely on ours every day just like you! We offer affordable rates for all of our repair services, because we’re interested in making sure you are completely satisfied with our work! Get in touch today, and we will work to bring your device back to life.