Welcome to the New TechXpress Website! We couldn’t be more excited to have our new site up and running.

In the first post on our new website, we’d like to take the time to outline a few of the main services we provide. When you’ve finished reading today’s entry, be sure to get in touch with us online or come by our location at 4501 Stine Road, Suite 205 in Bakersfield to speak with a TechXpress expert!

How Can TechXpress Help You?

Business IT Support

Whether you’re operating a small local business or a large corporation, your customers and employees alike depend on your technology. Perhaps your employees make long-distance sales calls throughout the day, or maybe your entire building relies on uninterrupted, high-speed internet. Whatever your organization’s structure looks like, you can’t have an interruption derailing an entire day of business. We can help you set up a business phone system that allows your employees to communicate effectively with each other and their clients, and we can also help you troubleshoot any problems with your existing business phone system.

Just give us a call and we’ll be there to get your business up and running as soon as possible!

Cell Phone Repair 

If you’re like most Bakersfield residents, then you probably check your cell phone multiple times throughout the day. You’ve uploaded your entire calendar, contact list, important photos of your friends and family, and so much more, and losing all of that data would be absolutely devastating. We know how much you depend on your smartphone, and that’s why we offer fast and affordable cell phone repairs for all of the biggest brands on today’s market. Our cell phone repair service can help you recover data from a damaged phone, and we can also help you repair the screen if it’s been damaged in any way.

Home Theater Installation

Nothing says “luxury” quite like a home theater, but building one from scratch can be both time-consuming and expensive. TechXpress proudly offers home theater installations that can help you create the space you’ve always wanted. We perform flat-screen TV installations, surround sound setup, and more! Just get in touch with us to request a quote for your home.

Surveillance Systems 

You can never be too safe when it comes to your home or business. TechXpress provides surveillance camera installations to both commercial and residential clients alike, and we’ll gladly help you install and learn how to use our cutting-edge systems. Whether you need night vision cameras, concealed cameras, or something else for your particular circumstances, we’ll help you find the right system. Do you have an existing surveillance system that needs to be inspected? We can help with that, too!

We hope that today’s post has helped you to better understand how we can help you with any and all of your tech needs. We’re always happy to help if you need further support, so give us a call or fill out the form below to get started!

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