With the first day of summer just around the corner, you’re probably planning a vacation and thinking about fun ways to enjoy the warm weather. Crime tends to rise during the summer, making it important to think about security before you get too caught up in summertime fun. We provided you with a few security tips in a previous entry, so be sure to read through that information if you’d like to learn more. In today’s post, we’re going to continue our discussion and provide you with even more easy ways to keep your home safe and secure this summer.

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Summer Security Tips Continued

Keep Your Garage Closed

Whether you’re working on a garden or you have young kids who enjoy playing outdoors, it’s important to make sure that your garage isn’t accidentally left open for long periods of time. Many people get distracted by stepping inside to answer a call or use the restroom, and they end up leaving their garage unattended for hours at a time.

Make a point of always closing your garage door when you can’t keep an eye on it. Even though opening and closing periodically can become a bit of a nuisance, it’s better than having bikes, tools, and other valuables stolen.

Close Your Windows

Do you regularly open windows throughout your home to cool off in the evenings? While letting in a breeze can help you cut down on your electricity bill, it can also leave you vulnerable to intruders. Always lock your windows — paying a bit more for air conditioning each month is worth reducing your risk of a break-in.

Create a Security Checklist

We’ve noted that you should close your garage during the day and your windows at night, and we recommend going a step further and creating a checklist you can go through each day. Make sure that doors and windows are locked, blinds are closed, and that your surveillance camera system and home security system are both turned on and functioning properly.

Consider Home Automation

If you’re going to be away on a long vacation this summer, then you may want to invest in a home automation system that allows you to control different areas of your home from a mobile device. Remotely triggering lights, television sets, and other gadgets in your home is a great way to make it look like someone’s still inside, and some remote monitoring systems can even be combined with a surveillance camera system for even more peace of mind.

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