1. Three Reasons Why You Need a Home Theater

    A home theater isn’t just another room in your home — it’s a sanctuary in which you can entertain, play your favorite games, and become completely immersed in another world. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at three reasons why you should invest in a home theater. Get in touch with TechX…Read More

  2. Welcome to the New TechXpress Website!

    Welcome to the New TechXpress Website! We couldn’t be more excited to have our new site up and running. In the first post on our new website, we’d like to take the time to outline a few of the main services we provide. When you’ve finished reading today’s entry, be sure to get in touch with …Read More

  3. Trust a Professional for Computer Repair and Wireless Network Setup

    Network connectivity problems: they’re the bane of every small business and often, they occur for no reason whatsoever, leaving you without Internet access, sitting on your hands while you wait for a tech professional to come out and address the issue. Any business that has experienced this situat…Read More

  4. Comprehensive CCTV Systems

    If there’s one surefire way to increase the security of your building and add an element of reassurance to your safety, it’s being able to rely on CCTV systems to oversee the day-to-day goings on around you. But, just having a few cameras with a few monitors hooked up to them isn’t going to cu…Read More

  5. Is Your Business Phone System Living up to its Potential?

    One of the best things about business VOIP systems is the tremendous number of features they offer. You can enjoy crystal clear calls, call waiting, call transfers, digital voicemail and more, all in a way that can help your business operate more efficiently on a day-to-day basis. When your VOIP pho…Read More

  6. Setup and Service of 2 way Radio Communication systems

    If your business uses two way radio communications, then it is critical that your system is functioning properly. Bad signals, no signals, intermittent static, and other communication issues can lead to wasted employee time and a massive slow down of operations. Tech Xpress has the necessary knowled…Read More

  7. The Most Modern CCTV and Surveillance Equipment Available

    Contact Tech Xpress today for complete wiring, installation, and equipment for any closed circuit television system. We have the most state of the art security cameras for any use including indoor/outdoor, night vision, moving/zooming capable, and many more, including CCTV monitors and splits screen…Read More

  8. Individual Security Cameras

    Tech Xpress has the knowledge to install security cameras and wiring for your home or business, but if you’re looking for a simple surveillance solution, we have individual security cameras for sale. Some of these security cameras had simple ways to connect to a TV or computer and even have Wirele…Read More